Was feeling something like a bad-ass today. Blame the new boots.

Although, truth be told, there’s a degree of that everyday. ;-)

There was this apple. And as it lost its moisture, it gained a new texture… As apples do. I took a photo of said apple. Because I liked said apple’s new look.

I was sketching an alternative neckline or sumthin, I believe. Real rough-like.
Then I put it in VSCOcam to be hip.

MOD magazine - JUL/AUG
Kasha Reavis Styling
Xang Photography
Styled with Beware Swim & London Trash Shoes

I like to design and sew and shit.

The foundation is set. Now for additions, brick by brick. We’re doing this the hard way - from the ground up.

Quote by Michelle K.

Firstly - the talent.

Secondly - the back of that gown!

Hazel Scott in “The Heat’s On”

But I want this shirt. Pretty, please.

Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing: Phresh Out the Runway

YES YES YES! I am so here for this.

Startup Schools: America's Most Entrepreneurial Universities

My lovely alma mater comes in at number 14. I never expected to become an entrepreneur when I enrolled. Maybe they’re to blame. :-)