Firstly - the talent.

Secondly - the back of that gown!

Hazel Scott in “The Heat’s On”

But I want this shirt. Pretty, please.

Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing: Phresh Out the Runway

YES YES YES! I am so here for this.

Startup Schools: America's Most Entrepreneurial Universities

My lovely alma mater comes in at number 14. I never expected to become an entrepreneur when I enrolled. Maybe they’re to blame. :-)

Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation.


Video: How to Sew a Figure-eight Stitch - Threads

Oooooo. Always looking to add to my repertoire!

Gowns | A short poem

One gown, two gowns, three gowns, four
Prom gown, birthday gown, awards gown, more
Trumpets, mermaid, lace, and princess seams galore
All these damn gowns gon’ have Syreeta drop to the floor

Disclaimer - Business is good!

Fashion Awards MD 2014 EMERGE! | Recap, Peak Into The Process, Thoughts

Brief: There is so much to take away from the experience. It’s not always about the outcome - the one dot on the map - the importance lies in the journey.


Long Version:

I’m so glad today is a snow day… Ironically. I’m tired of the snow just like most of the east coast, but I definitely needed some time to recover. I rose this morning, only to return to bed. I needed to sleep; I needed rest. It’s been a looonnnggg week/weekend/month/year. But nevertheless…

Let me update you all on the dress…
I did finish the Jack Daniel’s Honey Design Challenge gown at about 3am the day it was due. Lol. I went to drop it off at 11am in Baltimore. I did a few last minute pins and tweaks on my model. I then returned home at about 1pm….

to work on my own outfit for the event. Because I am psycho.
I began working on the top to my outfit at about 4am the day of the event. It was a full drape, no pattern… me mixing and matching two tapestry-type fabrics to create a puzzle piece of a crop top. I finished the drape and called it a night around 5am. I wanted it to have a cap sleeve, but beggars can’t be choosers. Lol.

I woke up with just enough time to get to Baltimore. It was there that, as time ticked away, I grew wary of finishing my outfit in time. Biggest problem: I didn’t have a plan B. It just so happens that Lydia J of Red Zipper (whom I’ve worked with on several occasions and built a lovely relationship with) was in attendance. She always finds her way to working backstage at these types of things. Lol. And I’m glad. I cued her in on the insanity that I had gotten myself into and she told me something to the gist of “… but you’re you. So you’re going to finish it. This is why I tell you that you need to apply for Project Runway.”

It was exactly what I needed to hear.

And I finished it!

(I had not time for picture taking of the process itself. Sorry!) I took another hour to finish the top and (using a previous pants pattern and some blind, but hopeful, in-process alterations) started and finished the pants in about an hour. My sister arrived right after 3 to do my makeup (because I suck at makeup. I did my own hair tho!). I added the zipper to my pants while she chose my lipstick color. Lol. GOD IS GOOD! (Contact her for beauty needs at or on IG at ModernlyBeautiful!)

(And I pat myself on the back for my blind alterations. I’m glad I make enough stuff for myself to know how to work my patterns for the fit that I want.) Lydia: “AND you added a zipper?! AND you added pockets?!” Lol. We go hard or go home! 

I returned to Baltimore with my best friend, Chinasa, in tow just in the nick of time to get backstage. SUPER shout-out to Kiara, my model, for being so great. She really added an ease to all of my chaos. It was a joy working with her. Same for the backstage help at the show. SUPER GREAT FOLKS! They handled their business!

This is getting long, but as far as the awards, I didn’t take any home. And that’s okay. My sister doing my make-up, having the type of support that I do from my family and friends and peers… being on the final ballot twice consecutively… walking into the room with smiles and greetings from models that I’ve worked with, etc… ALL of that… reminds me that I’m doing something right. People support what I do, and, more importantly, support me, and that is a KEY piece to the puzzle; a huge source of strength for me.

I missed a lot of the show being backstage, but I think the final speech is what I was meant to hear. I sat and listened to the key tips about investing in your brand and being a business. This is also an important takeaway for me. The future holds so much for me… some of which I know is impending (and I will clue you all in to soon enough *wink*) and other things that I can’t yet forecast. But they are coming! :-)

CONGRATULATIONS to all nominees and winners!






Above are all of the Jack Daniel’s Honey looks with show producer and phenom, Lana Rae!

ANDDDD… some faves!

They got me looking like a Baller Wife outchea… and that’s okay every once in a while. Although I kind of fought it. It felt kind of good. Heels are so necessary, but on a regular day, I go for a nice, classic combat boot. Lol. But yesterday was not regular. :-)

Proud dad, great sister, and, at the top, a phenomenal BFF! <3


A little over an hour left to #vote for me for @fashionawardsmd #emergingdesigner! Cast one vote per device at and check off @kashar23 for #stylist, too, until 9pm! #famd #fashiondesign #fashiondesigner #sewing #dc #dcfashion #md #dmvnetwork #dreams #thankyou


A Peak Into The Process | FAMD EMERGE! 2014 Update

Brief: Making headway… tired… My copper organza JUST shipped yesterday. Oh, joy!

Long version: So… this may not be a daily update, guys. I literally do not even have enough time (or phone memory for continuous picture-taking… and are people really going to read this without pictures??)

Anywho… A few nights ago, I stitched a layer of organza onto a layer of this netting/mesh that I found and liked. I thought it’d add an interesting texture and dimension to the look. I just used a simple “underlayer” concept to baste them together. The netting will be present in the center front and center back panels. 

The night following, I stitched the side panels together. I had to use a french seam (*horror movie scream*) because it won’t be finished and I just want a clean line, no serge.

The night after that (last night), I attached all of the panels together so that it could be ready for tonight’s fitting on my model. I decided to leave all other seams unfinished because A) I don’t have my gyatdang organza, and B) it will make for easier alterations anyway. 

I almost called it a night, but I wasn’t quite sleepy yet (sleepy does not equate tired, because I WAS tired. Lol). I pushed a little further into the night to start my cape. This piece will just be a free drape because… ain’t noooobody got time for dat. And by “dat,” I mean patterning.

I’ve been dong all of this post-work and post- Tuesday night Zumba. Shout-out to my Zumba instructor, Dionne, by the way for shouting me out in class! Of course, I was like “nooo!!!” but I do truly appreciate it! I almost skipped last night but I need my Zumba! :-) It is the only moment of personal time I will get this week.

Ok… enough talk! Here’s where I’m currently situated:


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